Location and Area

Location: 24° 58° N 73° 68 E
Altitude: 598 m above sea level
Area: 37 sq. kms

Location and Area

Udaipur, also known as ‘The City of Lakes’, is one of the most important cities of Rajasthan. It’s separated from the Thar desert by the Aravali ranges.

Udaipur city lies at the southern end of the Aravali hills and is located at 24°31’ N and 73°34’ E. It’s situated at a height of 598 m above sea level and is spread over 37 sq km. Since the place lies close to the Thar desert and also houses a lot of lakes, the weather is generally hot and humid.

Udaipur is well-connected to most of the urban regions of North India via roads, railways and air. It lies in the south-west of Jaipur at a distance of 405 km. The city is at a distance of 663 km from Delhi, 620 km from Gwalior, 637 km from Agra and 797 km from Mumbai.

Location and Area
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